Dr. Richard Layman, DC

I want to briefly tell you a little about myself. After practicing for 42 years now, I realize how important it is for patients to know who their doctor is. That is the purpose for this page.

I grew up in Portland and attended school in the south-east area of town. I went to college at Portland State University and majored in General Studies, Science. After receiving my degree I attended Western States Chiropractic College (now Western States University) in Portland and graduated in 1978.

I started my practice in Salem immediately in January, 1979. I have been practicing full time since then. I have developed many friends through my practice and I am very fortunate to be in a profession where my patients appreciate me and are always referring new patients to me.

My hobbies include skiing, windsurfing in the Gorge, mountain and road biking. I place a great deal of stress in staying in shape and eating right to maintain good health so I may enjoy life to the fullest. I want nothing less for all those my path cross. I met my wife while in Chiropractic College and we have three children who are now all young adults. We attend Bethany Baptist Church and donate our time and energy to the church.

Graduation ceremonies at Linfield College in Spring, 2005. From left: son Andy, wife Sue, son Tim, Dr. Layman, and daughter Karyn.

I am very fortunate to be in a profession that I love. I have seen the value of chiropractic in my own personal life as well as in the life of my family and close friends. I have a practice that emphasizes getting rapid results with musculoskeletal complaints. If I am unable to obtain satisfactory results I have a very good relationship with many medical physicians and specialists in Salem . I have a wide array of patients treating medical physicians, nurses and attorneys to hard working blue collar workers who need a quick recovery to resume physical activities and active hobbies.

I pride myself in keeping the number of treatments to a minimum. I am a provider for just about every major chiropractic provider list. I treat Kaiser patients and on their referral list. I am constantly striving to learn new techniques and find the best possible care for musculoskeletal complaints. In the last several years now I have become proficient in providing, in my opinion, the gold standard in soft tissue techniques. The technique is ART and an acronym for Active Release Techniques. This has required extensive studying and training under Dr. Michael Leahy of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have been invited to treat the Iron Man athletes every year in Kona, Hawaii. I am unable to do this annually but those years I have donated my time and talent has been rewarded to such an extent that I have been able to provide consistent care to local athletes as well as to the weekend warriors.

I am often asked how much longer I plan on providing hands on care to my patients. Though my job can be quite physical not to mention the mental stress often involved, I can say with all sincerity that I can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing this time in my life. I certainly agree with the quote contributed to Confucius; “If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life”. I appreciate my patients giving me their trust and confidence to treat them and their family members over the years as well as my Father in heaven I believe has provided me the opportunities to serve those in this very special place in Oregon.